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Tips for Facebook Timeline Images

Want to create professional looking Facebook Timeline images? There’s two main things you need to know to create great images:

1.) Size your images to match Facebook dimensions EXACTLY. If the size of your image is different, uploading to Facebook may resize your image and the quality will go down. Below is a great infographic/cheat sheet from Jon Loomer with all the various image dimensions.

2.) Reduce the file size of your image BEFORE uploading to Facebook. Use a tool like Adobe Fireworks to edit the image quality enough to reduce the file size to around 500KB (specifically for cover images). In the past, if the size of your file exceeded 80KB, Facebook compressed your image during upload and that’s when you would get the ugly, blurry and grainy images. That’s right, the limit used to be just 80KB or so but Facebook looks to have increased it AND, even for large files, the quality after compression is much better last time we checked.  If your images look worse after you upload, try several different image types like PNG, JPEG, or GIF to see which looks the best and has the smallest size. That should help!

Image Dimensions for Facebook Timeline For Pages

New Items in the Image Library for Landing Page Design

We’ve added a bunch of new images for you to use in your landing page designs! More shadows, arrows, and phone/tablet objects. Check them out and let us know what you think 🙂

By the way, if you want in on the private beta, just create your account and send an email to beta[at]fanbuildr[dot]com with the username you chose during signup. We’ll give you access to the beta ASAP!

Landing Page Designer – New Features Overview

You may have noticed a ton of new features deployed over the last week. In this post we’ll give you a quick breakdown of what’s new in our landing page designer…

PageBuilder – Main, Fan, Non-Fan

You can now create different content for fans and non-fans using the PageBuilder. If you choose Main, then the content will be shown to all visitors. If you specify content for fan and non-fan, then only that specific content will be shown.

PageBuildr – Arrow Keys

The PageBuilder now lets you use your arrow keys to move elements up, down, left, right by exactly 1px for better control.

PageBuilder – Google Fonts and Effects and More

We’ve changed the rich text element to allow you to select basic fonts OR any Google font. In addition, you can add letterpress effects, 3-D, shadows, and more! The new editor also allows you to quickly drop in an image from Flickr or a YouTube video.

PageBuilder – Element Toolbar

The different elements/widgets are now broken into 3 groups: Design Elements, Social Elements, and Third-Party Elements. We also added a Tips popup with some helpful info.

Other Minor Site Tweaks

We renamed a few of the links in the navigation bar, nothing too major there. We also added a shaded container to the Client Manager page which shows the tabs grouped by page now. So it’s a little easier to tell which tabs are on the same page.

We also updated some of the getting started and info messages throughout the site. Hopefully you’ll find them helpful 🙂

Final Words

Lastly, a few weeks ago we finished moving over our support and feedback system to  If you have any issues or feature requests drop us a note or open up a ticket. Also stay tuned for a bunch more new graphics being added to the PageBuilder AND an incredible promotion we’ll be running this month!

Thanks and happy buildring,

The fanBuildr Peeps