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Landing Page Settings Form Improvements

We’ve updated the layout of the landing Page Settings form to make it easier to view and edit. The settings are now broken into 3 tabs: Basic, Background, and Options. The only required settings are on the Basic tab. The other tabs allow you to customize the landing page design further and enable/disable features like Auto-Snap.


Under Basic you can edit the Name, Description, Google Analytics Tracking ID, and the dimensions for your page.

Landing Page Settings

Landing Page Settings


Here you can choose from multiple background options. You can either set your background to a specific color using the color picker.

Landing Page Background Color

Landing Page Background Color

Or you can use an image as a background. The are multiple options which allow you to choose an image from our library, any of your images, or images you have categorized as Backgrounds. You can also upload a new image directly from this screen or specify the URL to an image hosted externally (for example, an image on your main website).

Facebook Page Default Backgrounds

Landing Page Default Backgrounds


Currently the only option here is Auto-Snap. When enabled, the elements on your page will “snap” to each other when dragged nearby. This is helpful when aligning items.

Landing Page Options

Landing Page Options

There will be a similar update coming to the landing page element settings soon. Look for a post once that is completed. In the meantime, if you have any questions and/or suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

Best Landing Page Elements (Shaded Area Tool) Now With Rounded Corners

One of the best landing page elements to use in your page designs is the shaded area element, and it just got better! Recently we added a new option to the Area Tool. You can now specify a corner radius to have rounded edges like in the image below.


The value can be between 0-300. In this sample, we have it set to 20. Feel free to play around with different values to see what fits your page design the best…


If you want, you can even set it as high as 300. What happens then? You’ll get a circular shape as shown here:


If you haven’t used the area tool yet be sure to give it a try. You’ll quickly see that it’s a must use tool in your landing page designs. When you use a large background image on your landing page, it’s a great way to overlay forms and text, and still keep everything legible. For an example of how it can be used, check out our own Newsletter page on Facebook.

Landing Page HTML Editor Improvements

For those of you that use Landable to host landing pages and Facebook page tabs, we’ve made some cool improvements to the landing page HTML Editor that we think you’re going to love! The first thing you’ll notice is that we got rid of the Page Tab app dropdown. Changing apps once a page has been created gets tricky and was rarely used. Instead we just cleaned up the top section to look like this…

Landing Page HTML Editor

Landing Page HTML Editor Layout

Line Numbers, Syntax Highlighting, & Auto-Complete

The other change was to add syntax highlighting and line numbers to the content textboxes. This should make your HTML much easier to read AND this change includes auto-completion. Just start typing a tag and hit CTRL-Shift to show your auto-complete suggestions! The editor will even auto close the tags for you and recognizes HTML5, CSS, and Javascript…

Landing Page HTML Editor

Landing Page HTML Editor w/ Syntax Highlighting

Web and Mobile Landing Page HTML Editor

Last but not least, you can now use the HTML Editor to create, design, and host Web and Mobile Landing Pages. Before today you could only use the Page Builder to design for web and mobile, but not anymore 😉

Please let us know what you think below, we’d love to hear from you!