Call To Action Buttons for Facebook Pages

Our latest feature lets you add call to action buttons to your Facebook Pages and Landing Pages. The new element is in the PageBuilder toolbar under Form Elements. Just specify your button text, a URL, and choose your button’s style and you’re good to go.

Facebook Page Call To Action Button

Facebook Page Call To Action Button

Use this new feature for both call to action buttons for Facebook Pages or on your Web/Mobile Landing Pages!

Quick Tip: To get visitors to click, be sure to outline the benefits of what you are offering. What will they get by clicking the button?

Advanced Tip: You can also add icons to your buttons by specifying <i class=”icon-gift”></i> in your button text. The code above will show a gift box icon but you can choose from a variety of icons. Just replace icon-gift with the name of the icon you want to use. We use Font Awesome and you can find a list of all available icons here: