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Timeline Contest Creator

Timeline Contest Creator went live last night! This app will help you run contests directly from your business page’s Timeline, which is now allowed by Facebook. To check it out just visit This first version is currently invite only, but you can request an invite by joining our list here: Timeline Contest Creator is 100% FREE to use, and, besides just sample contest templates, you can also use it to select random winners. In this post we’ll show you how it works!

Timeline Contest Creator Home

On our homepage, you can see we’ve broken down the app into 2 Steps:

  1. Step 1: Create a Contest – Craft your Facebook Timeline Contest post. Browse our templates to get some ideas and free images which you can use.
  2. Step 2: Pick a Winner – When you’re ready to pick a winner, the app will let you select the contest post and automatically generate a random winner based on likes/comments.
Timeline Contest Creator App

Timeline Contest Creator App

Timeline Contest Templates

You can edit the sample post right in the textbox or copy/paste to your computer. At the bottom of the page we offer some tips to help you create a great contest post and get maximum visibility. One tip is to be sure to either highlight the contest post, or Pin to Top of your Timeline. This way you can make sure your visitors see it and it doesn’t just get lost in your other page posts. Another tip is to use the free Facebook’s Notes app to host your contest rules and disclaimers. Because having all that info in the actual post is not pretty 🙁

Facebook Timeline Contest Template

Facebook Timeline Contest Template

Use the sample posts to get some contest ideas. And for the Like and Comment contest types, you’ll have a variety of pre-made graphics to choose from. Click the arrows in the slides to find the one you like best. Right-click and select Save image as…  to download and use these images in your contests. We made them just for you 🙂 When you’re ready, post the contest to your Timeline and off you go!

Timeline Contest Random Winner Selection

First select the Facebook Page, and then the post for which you want to select a winner. You can browse for older posts by clicking the Load Next link on the top right.

Select Timeline Contest Post

Select Timeline Contest Post

Once you click on a post, the app will process the likes and comments to determine the winners. The winners are chosen at random and you will be presented with 3 options. The first option is the winner based on Likes alone. The second option is based on Comments, with each person receiving only one entry regardless of how many times they commented. The third option is also based on Comments, but each comment by the person counts as an entry, so the more they comment the better their chance of winning!

Timeline Contest Winner Selection

Timeline Contest Winner Selection

Now click on the person under the contest type that applies to you and you have your official winner! In the green winner box, clicking on that person will take you straight to their Facebook profile page so you can message them.

What do you think?

Have any suggestions or feature requests? We’d love to hear from you! Just click the Support & Feedback tab on the website to get in touch. Or comment below. Thanks!

How-To Share Facebook Page Tabs

Since Facebook no longer provides a default landing tab option for Facebook pages, the best way to send people to your Facebook page is by sending them directly to one of your Facebook Page Tabs. And preferably a like-gated tab so that you can grow your fan-base 😉

With Landable it’s easy to create a trackable link to share your Facebook Page Tab. In this post we’ll show you how it’s done!

Share Button

Once you’ve designed your page, just click the green Share button for the page tab you want to share.

Facebook Page Tab Share Option

Facebook Page Tab Share Option

Share Page Screen

This will open the Share Page window which will allow you to generate a Short URL and QR Code to use for sharing. The link created here is also a Smart URL meaning it will detect the type of device your visitor is on, and will show them a different design based on the mobile option you select.

Share Facebook Page Tab QR Code

Share Facebook Page Tab QR Code

Share Options

There are 3 options available for Facebook Page Tabs:

  • Mobile Friendly – Will render a “mini-page” version of your page tab design. It displays your page tab without the Facebook interface, just a mobile friendly header that we include. This is the option we recommend using in most cases.
  • Redirect to Mobile Landing – This will send mobile and tablet visitors to a mobile landing page design you specify. You’ll have to create a mobile landing page design first in order to use it here.
  • Show Full Site – This will send mobile and tablet visitors directly to your landing page. For Facebook pages, this sends mobile visitors to the Desktop version of Facebook (bypassing the Facebook mobile site). So your page still works on mobile and visitors will see the full version of your page, but may need to zoom and scroll to navigate.

One important note… If you want links and stats tracked under your own account, just enter in your info under Account->Integrations. You can always add this info later and re-generate the short URL.

Bitly Account Settings

Bitly Account Settings

Facebook Page Builder Enhancements

More improvements to our drag and drop page editor went live today! We fixed a small bug related to multiple image uploads in the Image Element. Also, really large images are now a little easier to resize since they are forced to fit on your canvas.

We also enabled support for Internet Explorer 10 in the Facebook Page Builder. We still recommend using Chrome or Firefox, but IE 10 is now an option.

Landing Page & Facebook Page Creator Improvements

We’ve deployed yet another improvement to our landing page and Facebook page creator! The latest change is to the Rich Text Element. With the new editor, you can add great looking Google web fonts plus letterpress effects to your Facebook page designs even quicker than before. There’s a bunch of fonts to choose from to make your headlines pop! You should also notice less issues with this new editor. As you may have noticed, the old version would act strange at times 😐

Quick Tip: The Letterpress effect can be found under the Styles dropdown. Here’s a sample of one of the effects applied to the Chewy Google font:

Facebook Page Creator - Rich Text Editor Element

Facebook Page Creator – Rich Text Editor Element

As usual, give it a try and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Call To Action Buttons for Facebook Pages

Our latest feature lets you add call to action buttons to your Facebook Pages and Landing Pages. The new element is in the PageBuilder toolbar under Form Elements. Just specify your button text, a URL, and choose your button’s style and you’re good to go.

Facebook Page Call To Action Button

Facebook Page Call To Action Button

Use this new feature for both call to action buttons for Facebook Pages or on your Web/Mobile Landing Pages!

Quick Tip: To get visitors to click, be sure to outline the benefits of what you are offering. What will they get by clicking the button?

Advanced Tip: You can also add icons to your buttons by specifying <i class=”icon-gift”></i> in your button text. The code above will show a gift box icon but you can choose from a variety of icons. Just replace icon-gift with the name of the icon you want to use. We use Font Awesome and you can find a list of all available icons here: