Facebook Contest Rules Changed on 08/27/2013

Facebook recently announced that they would allow promotions to be run directly on a business Page's timeline. The impact of the new Facebook contest rules is going to be huge! Here’s an example of a Facebook contest from their newly updated Promotion Guidelines:

Facebook Contest Example

Facebook Contest Example

What do the new Facebook Contest rules mean for your business?

Now it'll be easier, quicker, and cheaper than ever to run your own contest on Facebook and, in turn, boost your page’s engagement significantly! These promos will work on mobile, are easy to launch, and free! The one downside to all this? Picking a winner from all the likes or comments can be tedious work.

Timeline Contest Creator

To help businesses take advantage of the new Facebook promotion rules, we’re creating the Timeline Contest Creator! The timeline contest app will be ready in the next few days. We'll be letting a few users in at a time so that we can ensure everything is working well.

The app is being designed to be super easy to use. Step 1 helps you get your Facebook Timeline Contest created. You'll have a number of pre-made templates to choose from. Change them to suit your needs and publish to your Timeline. When you’re ready to pick the winner, come back to the app and proceed with Step 2. You’ll choose your page and the post that is being used for the contest. Timeline Contest Creator will take care of checking all the likes and comments and show you a random winner based on the contest type.

Our first version will support Facebook Like contests and Facebook Comment contests. For comments you can choose whether each comment is treated as a separate entry (which increases the persons chance of winning). Or you can limit to just one entry per person, regardless of the number of comments.

Get an Early Invite!

We have a page setup for you to get on the invite list. Just go here: Timeline Contest Creator Early Access to get on the list. Want to be one of the first ones in? Help us out by sharing with your friends (sharing options shown after signup). In return, you get moved up the list for each referral you send us!