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Landing Page Builder Image Upload

Did you notice? Just recently we added the ability to upload images to your Media library directly from the Image widget in the PageBuildr! When you first upload the image it will auto set the new image URL so you can add the image to the page. Then next time you need to edit, the image is automatically in your library 😉

Landing Page Image Upload

Landing Page Image Upload

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Tips for Facebook Timeline Images

Want to create professional looking Facebook Timeline images? There’s two main things you need to know to create great images:

1.) Size your images to match Facebook dimensions EXACTLY. If the size of your image is different, uploading to Facebook may resize your image and the quality will go down. Below is a great infographic/cheat sheet from Jon Loomer with all the various image dimensions.

2.) Reduce the file size of your image BEFORE uploading to Facebook. Use a tool like Adobe Fireworks to edit the image quality enough to reduce the file size to around 500KB (specifically for cover images). In the past, if the size of your file exceeded 80KB, Facebook compressed your image during upload and that’s when you would get the ugly, blurry and grainy images. That’s right, the limit used to be just 80KB or so but Facebook looks to have increased it AND, even for large files, the quality after compression is much better last time we checked.  If your images look worse after you upload, try several different image types like PNG, JPEG, or GIF to see which looks the best and has the smallest size. That should help!

Image Dimensions for Facebook Timeline For Pages